Lost in space and time

As we have been cut off from the Internet the world we knew just disappeared just its reflection stayed in our eyes.


'Ground control to major Tom. Can you hear me?'

We did not, the screens went black, the connection lost only two of us in the dark universe.

But we did not panic! Just started repeating forty-two forty-two … After a while when we realized that nothing really changed. So we put together our head what to do that now we can not post unlimited amount of news.

Slowly the best ideas started to come about the thing were we excited the most: the new features of Light of Life.

  • The images of new universes were born, what it would be like.

  • New types of planets, new challenges.

  • The mission panel had been added to the game, you can check out what was your task to do.

  • The journey to the depth of the planet had never been so gloomy than now, sudden attack could come from every direction.

We are so excited to show you.

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