Fall of Cutie

The game that is not as easy as cute it is. One day the pets got bored of being just cute and nothing more. So they decided to do something new, something exciting. That is called Fall of Cutie.

 fall of cutie

The jumping competition in which take part all the pets. Its aim to fall as fast as you can meanwhile you collect gold coins the more you get the better. You can control your pet by tilting your device and tip on the screen when you reach the banners.

tap at the checkpoint

The closer you tap the better result you get like almost, good, perfect. Take it seriously it has effect on your final score. By the gold coins you earned you can buy new pets and you can share your high score to get extra cute pets.

Have fun, have competition!

Choose your pet carefully because the pets have different weight that means they fall faster or slower.

Premium versions:

istoreAmazon_store_240fall of cute premiumslideme

Free version:


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