OtterWorks does app development.

Beyond gamedev, we also know a thing or two about designing, building, and publishing cutting-edge Android and iOS mobile apps that simplifies and makes life much more supportable as well.


For us, technology is a way to make the world a better place.

We contributed to the development of an innovative accessory, x-Finder, a specifically designed technical solution for the blind or visually impaired people to help them a little with their daily lives.Because we care.


OtterWorks beileve in unity.

We would love to help those in need.This is the reason we contributed to the development of a heart attack first-aid mobile application. SzívCity provides intelligent location sharing that helps registered helpers locate those in distress immediately based on the mobile phone's GPS sensors.


We had this crazy dream. We wanted to create our own games and mobile applications. So we did.

Ever since we could grab a pencil, we drew comics and wrote stories of fantastic worlds. Having been completely into gaming, we learned the principles, logic, and techniques

We experimented – and sometimes failed.

Now we are the leading indie game studio of Hungary. We create games that are worth playing with. Because we believe that we are what we play.

Welcome to our world.



How would you start your career in game development?

Our Mesharray x OtterWorks INDIE GAME MAKER program allows you to develop skills that are easily transferable. This is how you get started, this is how you get on the path of creativity.

Do you have what it takes?


We believe in innovation. We strive for continuous development, as we are only able to provide values to our users with lifelong learning. This is why we put so much effort and energy into the acquisition of new technologies, and this is why we try to apply cutting-edge solutions.
This is how we got to being able to apply our own method for the visualization of lights used in the videogames. OtterWorks’s innovation is the Custom Light Model.


Light displays of games mean a serious burden to the hardware.
Normally, forward rendering is used in game making, with the help of which four dynamic light sources can be placed on one object – without a significant deterioration in running performance. With the other opportunity, deferred rendering, however, we can use almost any number of dynamic lights to light objects; however, current mobile phones do not support this method, so it is not worth using it.


CLM leaves these barriers behind in a way that the quality of the displayed image does not deteriorate. Currently, CLM is able to handle numerous dynamic lights besides a single drawcall in a way that the number of the triangles of the 3D model does not change at the end of the image display process.

In numbers it means that, lighting a box consisting of 49152 triangles with six lights we get 6 drawcalls and 344000 triangles, while applying CLM technique, the same object remains 1 drawcall and 49152 triangles in case of six lights.


An individual game x application development studio based in Budapest, Hungary. We are the creators of Escape Velocity & Fall of Cutie.

We’re a cheerful independent team making the world a better place by creating cool games.

Because we believe that we are what we play.


Graphics Designer


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